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Keychain Synch software enables seamless data capture and download from the Opticon OPN2001 or Symbol CS1504 Keychain Scanner right to a PC. An easy-to-use, intuitive application, Keychain Synch decodes and outputs barcoded data to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) and Access Database format

Simply install the Keychain Synch software, scan barcodes with the keychain scanner, and synchronize data to the PC. Keychain Synch saves the decoded data and date-time stamp in a comma delimited (CSV) text file in the application folder. Keychain Synch will also send the file to a webserver or email. The file is ready for import into any application compatible with CSV format.

New in version 2:

  • FTP Synch - send a copy of the data file to an FTP server automatically
  • Email Synch - send a copy of the data to an Email recipient after the download
  • Device Folders - Use a different Download Folder for each of your devices (ie one device for shipping and one for receiving)
  • External Commands - run external processes after a successful synch
  • Combine Quantities - combine scans to form a quantity field
  • Encrypted Server Settings
  • Unique filnames for odering applications

Download the demo! It's fully functional but inserts the word DEMO into the scanned barcodes.

Custom Programming, Unlimited Licensing and Re-Branding is available. Please call!

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Keychain Synch Software
Product Features  Screen Shots
Keychain Synch Features:
  • Fast, Easy Installation
  • Intuitive Operation
  • One Step Data Download
  • CSV Text File Output
  • FTP Text File Export
  • Email Text File Export
  • Quantity Combining
  • Data Folders for Each Keychain Scanner
  • Auto process after Synch